free-form writing frenzy

moss in a german foresti’ve decided to participate in the free-form writing frenzy.  every day for a week i will write and post a quick 5-minute writing burst following the prompt that is given.  (don’t worry, i’ll also write my regular posts 🙂

today: moss

moss – green and soft and fluffy and in the forest. reminds me of the walk in the forest with r and c in germany, at that amazing source of water. what a wonderful experience that was – magic. magic magic magic. so green. so scrumptuously green. that was an amazing moment and i’d love to do it again. isn’t it funny how we want to repeat things that were special. are they really repeatable? i don’t know. hard to say. what am i saying – no, they’re not repeatable! at best, something slightly similar will happen. i don’t even remember the name of that place. i’m sure if i ask r and c they can tell me right away – it’s one of the places they are so proud of in franken. it’s amazing how much r loves his birth place. and i can see why. that was not the only magic place. all the rolling hills there in that old old old country. tiny villages that had been there since god knows when – 1200, some of them, i guess. tiny streets, cobbled. i remember that restaurant we went to with my aunt, it was so old, the ceiling was really low – because people weren’t that tall 400, 500 years ago! and the food was fabulous, real old fashioned german food.

(oh, and this post appeared in the just write blog carnival)

image by hsing_nice


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