after depression: what will be different?

i was just thumbing through one of my favourite books on therapy, escape from babel, and came across a set of questions asked of a person who is struggling with depression (interestingly, just as i found in my little research piece, the depression here is described as a “black cloud”):

  • what would be different if the black cloud lifted?
  • what would be the smallest sign that the black cloud was lifting?
  • what would be the first sign?
  • when you no longer had to spend so much tome struggling with the black cloud, what would you be doing more of instead?
  • who would be the first person to notice you had won the battle with the black cloud?
  • what would that person notice different about you that would tell him or her that the battle was finally won?
  • where do you suppose you would be when you first noticed the changes?
  • what will have happened just before that would have contributed to the change?
  • what will happen after that would help maintain it?

those among you who have experience with depression – what do you think of these questions? are they helpful? how?

isabella mori
counselling in vancouver

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