just dance

yesterday my 10-year-old daughter, my husband and i went to just dance. just dance is a non-alcoholic dance event held three fridays a month at the russian community centre on 2114 west 4th in vancouver.

a dancing childwhat’s so cool about this event is that it is really just dance. it’s not only no booze and no smokes – it gets even better.

because people just dance, they don’t prance, they don’t dress up, they don’t try to impress anyone. they just move their bodies to the music in whatever fashion they feel like. and it all happens on one big dance floor, with chairs along the walls where you flop your jacket, water and often shoes (lots of people dance barefoot). very little socializing going on. just dance.

since there is no drinking, kids can come, too. yesterday there was a whole bunch of girls between ten and fifteen. and a woman in a wheelchair, with whom everyone very naturally took turns dancing. and a beautiful pregnant woman proudly showing off her big belly.

it seemed so utopian there last night. an atmosphere of relaxation, fun and joyful abandon. people connecting and reconnecting in random, friendly patterns. everyone doing their thing, yet effortlessly and considerately sharing an environment.

knowing that a part of the proceeds always goes to a worthy cause makes the deal even sweeter!

this is how we can live if we just let ourselves. peace in action.

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