recovering from anorexia: anorexia talk

if i’d have to separate out the most frequently used word to find this blog, it’s “anorexia”. phrases like “anorexia article”, “anorexia symptoms” and “recovery from anorexia” bring people to this blog over and over again. recovering from anorexia: 10 activities is consistently in the most read 10 articles. so there’s a lot of need out there.

in order to offer a little more to people who are actively working on overcoming anorexia, i’ve decided to offer a special area. for those of you who want to talk amongst each other, i’m starting out with a special page for this; if the need persists, i’ll add a forum.

so … if you’ve come here because you’re looking for help or inspiration for recovering from anorexia and would like to exchange ideas and support each other, please go here.

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