blogathon: i want

i want to feel healthy, be calm, be strong and mighty, feel attractive, be full of joy.

so many “i wants”. most of the time, just saying “i want” doesn’t make it so. it’s like painting a picture using a faint pencil with just a few outlines. much better than nothing, that’s for sure but if you show it to your friends, chances are they won’t “get the picture.” we need to use strong strokes and colours!

here’s an example of doing that – look at the strong brushstrokes and the colours:

what does it feel like when i’m healthy?

  • able to move in whatever way, whenever
  • “clean” inside
  • full of a quiet, steady, abundant energy
  • unencumbered physically
  • able to physically relax whenever i want
  • free from aches and pains

what does it feel like and what do i do when i’m calm?

  • i feel centered and grounded
  • i don’t feel attacked by outside forces
  • i move from task to task efficiently yet without a hurry
  • i don’t worry about not having enough time

what does it feel like and what do i do when i’m strong and mighty?

  • i feel noticed
  • i feel respected
  • i feel that i can motivate others to cooperate with me
  • i stand my ground
  • i have more energy than needed to deal with whatever tasks i need to deal with
  • i am able to judge at what point it’s necessary to defend myself
  • i don’t think it’s anything special when i give in
  • i know when to be generous
  • i feel physically strong and powerful
  • i feel confident that others see in me a power to be reckoned with

when i feel attractive, i

  • look in the mirror and like what i see
  • don’t feel i have to hide anything
  • walk happy with the knowledge that i’m attractive
  • have an inner “shine”

when i am full of joy, i

  • feel connected to the divine
  • notice and enjoy beauty everywhere
  • pursue beauty
  • dance
  • want to share my joy with others
  • feel to be an integral part of the universe
  • go with the flow instead of “overcoming obstacles”

aah, yes, now “healthy, calm, strong and mighty, attractive, and joyful” have so much more – ooomph!

go on, try it yourself! what are your wants? what are your strong brushtrokes?

canadian mental health association

this is an entry for my participation in the 2008 blogathon, a 24-hour marathon of blogging. please support the cause and donate – however much, however little – to the canadian mental health association (vancouver/burnaby branch). to donate, email me or use this URL: you should be able to get there by clicking the link; if not, just copy and paste the link into your browser. it will take you to the appropriate location at canada helps.

thank you for visiting, reading, commenting and, if you can, donating!

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