dealing with negative self talk

what about those negative voices in our heads? what can we do with them?

  • not listen (we have great practice with that: remember how you didn’t listen when mom told you to brush your teeth?)
  • reason with it
  • switch to a positive thought
  • write a gratitude list
  • reverse the talk (e.g. replace “i’ll never get out of this funk” with “come to think of it, i’m not doing as bad as i was yesterday”)
  • write down what the voice says and throw out the paper (kudos to barbara sher‘s wishcraft)
  • read a book on the subject
  • tell the voice you’ll give it 3 minutes, and that’s it for negative talk for the day
  • talk back, e.g.:
    • “your must be out of your mind!”
    • “don’t use that tone of voice with me!”
    • “last time i listened to you, i felt miserable for 10 days

and if it really bugs you, of course you can see a counsellor!

isabella mori
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