goals – 1992 and today

about 14 years ago, i wrote a list of goals. i just came across it and thought i’d look at what i have achieved.

this feels pretty vulnerable, telling the world about my personal goals. i guess doing something vulnerable like that is part of the goal “really leaving my comfort zone”

some of the goals i have achieved to a very large degree, others some, with others i haven’t gotten very far. there’s one to which i don’t really feel connected anymore, which was to “spend at least a year in a monastery”. (however, my spiritual life has intensified in many different ways since 1992, so maybe i’ve achieved that goal in other ways).

so here we go:

achieved to a large degree

  • talk and listen to lots of interesting people
  • write lots
  • exercise more
  • have a lifetime relationship with my then boyfriend (now my husband)
  • eat more nutritiously
  • act in a more health conscious way
  • challenge my mind

achieved some / a little

  • be loving
  • meditate lots
  • learn more about healing
  • have intermediate passions (like crafts, gardening, etc.)
  • spend lots of time with my friends
  • be comfortable with being disciplined
  • grow in my relationship with my children
  • learn and do totally new things
  • really leave my comfort zone as often as possible (not just play around the edges)
  • befriend or at least get to know my shadow side
  • listen to lots of really good music
  • look at/be with great works of art

not much change / did not achieve at all

  • live much more passionately
  • travel
  • have a mentor/teacher
  • make music and/or sing without being embarrassed
  • spend time with nature

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