getting sick

i feel a cold coming on.

i could ignore it.

i could go to bed.

i could get all panicky.

i could have a hot bath.

i could listen to my body.

i could feel guilty about getting sick.

i could be afraid that i’ve infected my friend who is weak from chemotherapy.

i could realize that it’s normal to get sick once in a while.

i could accept my present reality.

i could worry that it might turn into one of those long-lasting flus.

all these options.

i think i’ll accept that i’m not feeling well, listen to my body, have a hot bath, and then go to bed early. without feeling guilty, worried, afraid, or ignoring my present reality.

thank you, everyone who has helped me get to this point of agreeing to be friends with my body. it still doesn’t come automatically, i still see feeling guilty, worried, and all those other feelings about getting sick as options – but i don’t exercise those options anymore.

thank you.

isabella mori
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