gratitude, again

it’s time to do a gratitude post – haven’t done one in a long while!

i am grateful

  • that i am part of a supportive community
  • that my practice is growing
  • for the members of my thesis committee
  • for our roomy house
  • for all the interesting people i’m meeting at stumbleupon, e.g. dashiell
  • for intelligent science fiction authors who think way outside the box
  • for keith, who has so much love, interest and respect for plants
  • that tina made it to the second round of CKNW’s talk show host contest
  • for my daughter’s kundalini yoga instructor
  • that my children and their partners are healthy
  • for clean drinking water
  • that there is always enough food in the house
  • for water bottles
  • that things don’t seem to faze me much lately
  • for the harmony among everyone who lives here in our house
  • for living in canada
  • for my 81-year-old mother’s continuing health and adventurousness
  • for the interesting conversations on this blog
  • for the beautiful art work here in my house
  • for all the art, culture and training in critical and contemplative reflection i was steeped in when i was growing up
  • for my father’s hands
  • for haedy’s kisses
  • for danielle’s hugs

what are you grateful for?

and let’s tag a few fellow bloggers, see what they want to say “thanks” for: nickie at nickie’s nook, scott at finding your marbles, tina mcinerney, living within samsara, jennifer at mental health minutes and therapydoc at everyone needs therapy.

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