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hello everyone –

maybe you don’t need me anymore! i just discovered wikihow, and you can, too!. there you can learn fascinating things, like how to

  • Become Emotionless (“a very useful way to handle problems”)
  • Bury Your Burdens
  • Cope With Feeling Alone at Night
  • Discipline Your Troubling Student
  • Find Help For a Suspected Eating Disorder
  • Get an Annoying Song out of Your Head (“try tapping out a different rhythm with your fingertips”)
  • Keep a Sharp Mind and Good Attitude
  • Let out Your Sadness
  • Live Life to the Fullest
  • Overcome a Fear of the Hospital (“Don’t go inside, just sit outside (weather permitting) and watch the people. See the doctors and nurses relaxing on their breaks, see the ambulances pull up and watch as the paramedics do their jobs.”)
  • Psychoanalyze Yourself (“Things you’ll need: a brain; a problem”)
  • Smile When You Think You Can’t Smile
  • Stop Being a Constant Worrier
  • Stop Biting and Grow Beautiful Nails
  • Stop Laughing when You Laugh at Inappropriate Times (with a link to “How to not laugh at your own jokes”)
  • Stop Ruminating (mentally Going over and over Bad Events)

interesting, interesting, interesting. the very definition of pop psychology, i guess.

hey, maybe i should post an article there? how about … how to wean yourself from dr.phil? no, i don’t know enough about dr.phil – haven’t watched more than 15 minutes of him in my entire life. or, how to stop being anxious over what to write in your next blog, in 7 easy steps. that’s better. too lame, though. or, how about this one: how to tell your father that you’ve just gotten your 17-year-old teenage self pregnant. now that’s something i know something about!

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