in the flow

(this is an article from my most recent newsletter)

you’re sitting at your favourite coffee shop with your best friend, planning a trip down the coast. the conversation is lively. every time you come up with yet another idea of what to do, your friend knows exactly what you mean and spins it further. your face is radiant, your gestures animated, you are fully present. you are in the flow.

isn’t this how we want to live our whole life? fully present, fully alive in every activity throughout the day?

or do you think it’s unrealistic to desire that?

i believe living like that is our birthright. granted, just like with any other rights, we might have to work for years at claiming this birthright (remember nelson mandela).

but think of the rewards! think of the freedom that mandela finally claimed, not just for himself but for a whole nation, and in many ways, for the whole world.

we can be like that in our world, in our sphere of influence. we can claim the birthright of being in the flow, like a child completely lost in play, like an artist totally absolved in her sculpture, like a marathon runner being nowhere else but in his body. like mandela, we might have to pour a lot of energy into it – but think of the reward: the freedom, the radiance!

isabella mori
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