new year’s resolutions – a basket case

january 1 … new year’s resolutions … i have to confess that somehow, this year i’m getting caught up in them. maybe it’s because i got a message from 43things asking whether i’ve published my book, which i had stated as a goal 11 months ago. (and yes, i have!).

43things made me think of a local site, change everything. so i posted there my idea of putting on a “wild women dancing” event.

(hey, let me know if you want to participate!)

and finally, hueina su (isn’t that a great name?) from beyond horizon coaching put me on to a little piece of software that gives people a head start in working on their goals. you can use it, too, here. (it’s a little simple – but it also gives you a free consultation with me!)

and now a few words on goals, my friends.

i have a bit of a problem with that word. maybe it comes from contracting with the federal government for years – they were just crazy about people putting together action plans and goals and objectives. i rarely, rarely saw that work. (do you really think john lennon sat down one day and said, hmmm, i want to become a famous musician. now what are the steps to get there?)

howEVER. i think it’s not a bad idea to have something that points our compass in a certain direction, something that narrows things down a bit, some suggestions for a first step.

for example, if we want to go on a road trip, at some point it’s helpful to say, ok, why don’t we head down to seattle for a start? otherwise we might just be going in a circle (which is useful only if we really enjoy going in a circle).

that’s where things like goals come in. but because for me, the word ‘goal’ is a bit loaded with negative connotations, i’ve come up with other words. ‘wish list’ is a concept i like – but my favourite is the idea of a basket or a cornucopia.


a basket of ideas, possibilities, fun things to do – and every day i get to reach in and play with some of them.

so here’s to a new year full with colourful baskets, brimming over with excitement, fulfillment and wonderful surprises!

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