inspired by last night’s meditation meetup and the relaxation swicki, i thought i’d offer you these words.

sit comfortably, without slouching.

you may want to close your eyes.

notice your breath. in comes in – it goes out. it comes in – it goes out. there is nothing you need to do – yet it is the most important thing to keep you alive. enjoy the miracle of it.

after a few breaths, notice yourself sitting on the chair.

notice. gently, softly.

let your awareness travel down your legs.

notice your feet touching the ground. feel yourself supported by it.

if your feet feel tense, simply experience yourself letting go of the tension.

every time you let go of tension, pay particular attention to your outbreath. allow it to be as long and thorough as comfortably possible.

slowly let your attention travel up your legs. gently, softly.

let your legs just be there.

let your attention travel to your seat. notice your body touches the chair.

experience gratitude for the chair that supports you.

let yourself just sit there. softly, gently, without effort.

let your attention wander to your back. notice its long, strong muscles. notice the spine and let yourself know of the vertebrae that stack one on top of the other.

allow your attention to travel to your shoulders.

if there is any tension, let it go.

let it go.

let it go.

let your shoulders gently slope off your neck like the two sides of a coat hanger.

allow your attention to be drawn to your arms and hands.

is there any tension anywhere? in the forearms, in the hands?

let it go.

when you’re ready, travel up to your face.

so many muscles there! lots of tiny, hardworking muscles.

let them relax.


let your mouth relax, your cheeks, your eyes, your temples. let your scalp relax.

just let all the tension drain.

softly, gently, without effort.

and just sit there.



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