carnival of healing – may 19, 2007

welcome to this week’s carnival of healing! thank you, phylameana, for doing such a marvellous job at making this carnival happen every week. i’ve had some really good things come my way through it, so the healing works! 🙂

okay, let’s see what’s on the menu today:

i love this picture posted by hueina su in her article journey into love at intensive care for the nurturer’s soul. it is her “small token of appreciation and inspiration for all mothers.”

karen lynch presents the still, small voice posted at livethepower. here is an excerpt:

… your truth will never come from something exterior to you. your truth will only come from your own “still, small voice”. so how do you hear the voice? … spend some quality time with you … just you, nobody else is invited. get comfortable with yourself. you are the only one who will always be with you no matter what … become your own best friend … listening to the intuitions and wisdom

pamm‘s what is tantra? posted at my secret spiritual dance is a good, short introduction to tantra. nowadays, many people only know tantra in its “nookie” (i.e. sexual) incarnation, as pamm puts it so humourously. but tantra is much, much more. it is

… designed to quickly rip away attachments, dissolve the ego, and sever any semblance of its feeling safety in the outer world. kundalini is raised so that pure mind/enlightenment can be obtained. everything is seen a divine and as such, sacred and practioners’ goals are to be in union with the divine/one with god. the path is often called the fast path to enlightenment or the path of fire.

next is a great, rambling post by therapydoc about all kinds of things, including her enthusiastic encouragement to just go for the pie in the sky. right on, my friend. let’s stop the tyranny of “but you have to be realistic”. let ‘er rip:

write the book, i say. start a band and play the gig. borrow money, start a business. adopt a child. get vocational counseling. charge more for what you’re doing. go back to college. paint. travel. consult. sell your work.

you shrug and tell me you could never do that, you’re too old. or you’re too tired.

but i have to tell you. when we do hit on that talent, that latent aspiration? even though you poo poo me and say you could never do it, even though you dismiss it all as pie in the sky

you can find the rest in her post courage at everyone needs therapy.

another, very moving excerpt i’d like to present is from joey cupps‘s say goodbye posted at hearts a fire. it’s a beautiful, quiet tribute to someone who passed away – and a tribute to the healing that comes from actively participating in this important life transition:

there was a chill coming off the window of the truck as we drove down the highway home. mountains cast shadows in the sky. only stillness in the truck and silent thoughts of her. watching the moon shine against the blackened sky, the lining of the clouds it passed behind glowed beautifully. they seemed to race along as the moon followed us home, with our hearts heavy from hours before where we all gathered at the hospital to say goodbye one last time.

along a similar topic, craig harper presents gill’s story posted at renovate your life with craig, saying, “every now and then you read an inspirational story that makes you cry. today was such a day!”

in other submussions, we find thenourisher, who talks about DNA and mitochondrial time bombs: uranium, mercury and diabetes at nourished magazine, saying, “well researched article about depleted uranium and mercury’s double punch as the cause of diabetes.”

anmol mehta gives us chakra balancing yoga breathing exercise at mastery of meditation, enlightenment & kundalini yoga. it’s a “time-tested yogic breathing technique for balancing the energies of the body to promote health, tranquility and joy.”

albert foong explores an interesting idea: aristotle vs. urban monk round 1: finding bliss. success. love. it’s posted at urban monk. he talks about “the highest human good – aristotle’s work on success and happiness, given the usual urban monk emphasis on readability and practicality – how you can apply his wrks to your life right now.”

jolynn braley from the fit shack answers the question, exactly why is MSG so bad for my body? she asks, “have you ever wondered why you feel hungry again shortly after eating at your favorite chinese restaurant? this article gives you some interesting information on the additive msg and will answer that question for you.”

another great article by erek ostrowski, ease up and don’t swing so hard! at verve coaching, talks about golfing as a metaphor for life: “one of the things i love about golf is that it serves as a brilliant metaphor for life. while it can be difficult and challenging at times, it can also be fun and extremely rewarding. what i love about golf is the same thing i love about life. no matter how much i think i’ve learned, there are an infinite number of things left undiscovered.”

there were so many submissions this week! i’m sorry i can’t go into detail about all of them. but i’m sure you’ll find something that’ll peak your curiosity in these posts:

alvaro fernandez gives us brain fitness program: how to select the right one at sharpbrains. greenwoman offers some words on psychic self protection at greenwoman’s wisdom. reb chaim haqoton gives us sweet transformation: a qoton classic. the power of your self-image is the topic of a post at the road to a perfect life. kevin kinchen talks about forgiveness at his blog creative power of thought: thoughts become things.

anna farmery presents top 5 reasons i want to live, posted at widows quest, as well as mum’s the word, posted at the engaging brand. raymond david salas writes about the real secret to miracles at – power tools blog. the blog beauty and personality grooming gives some information on quick remedy for dandruff flakes and other tips for cure.

that concludes this edition. submit your blog article to the next edition of carnival of healing using our carnival submission form. past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page. last week’s carnival was presented by wisdom of healing; next week’s will be at reiki blogger.

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