success, success, success: steve pavlina, move over!

a little while ago, i participated in a blog meme initiated by aaron potts, to which i had been invited by cardin at optimistlab. i posted my contribution (success in a basket) and thought that was that.

what a great surprise to see that aaron has taken the infinite trouble of tracking down everyone who posted about this and turned it into a fabulous collection, called success roundups. he organized the 150+ responses into 62 themes and then gave copious examples for each theme. the material in there is enough to keep everyone happy and successful for the rest of their lives. steve pavlina, move over! (just kidding – we wouldn’t want to be in the blogosphere without steve!)

i combed through aaron’s list and culled the 10 that spoke to me the most, giving one example each. you’ll find them below. oh, and what can i say – i like so many of the others, i’ll list those, too!

if any of this speaks to you, please read aaron’s post to find out more about it, or visit any of the 100+ participants in this project (whose blogs are listed below).

and if you’d like to try any of this, why don’t you start off by using this goal sheet?

this is my top ten list:

  1. staying focused on mindset and tasks: listening to your intuition
  2. meditate: mind-clearing meditations
  3. becoming still/letting go: making a conscious effort to stop thinking about how things are going to work
  4. doing things differently: allowing your beliefs to power your life
  5. ask the right questions: “what is the next obvious thing that i should do?”
  6. taking action: acting on inspired thoughts
  7. living in harmony: maintaining a balance of internal and external factors
  8. be confident in who you are: allowing yourself to be at ease as you go through life
  9. having a positive attitude: not allowing circumstances to dictate your level of happiness
  10. over-delivering: giving customers more than they paid for

another 16 that i would have loved to squeeze into my top ten list:

  • switch off/quiet time/recreation: knitting
  • get out in nature: sitting outside
  • finding joy/happiness: acting silly
  • exercise/eating healthy foods: taking the stairs
  • taking scheduled time off: scheduled days off each week
  • only work with certain people: only working with partners who you have synergy with or who represent a high probability of success
  • helping others: knowing when not to give advice
  • be cynical: applying your own filter to knowledge that crosses your path
  • learning from other people: engaging in interesting conversations
  • be creative: doing something crazy once in awhile
  • give and receive affection: being open to experiencing and sharing emotions
  • practice productivity habits: knowing when to stop spending time on any given task
  • not being afraid/pushing your limits: putting yourself in difficult situations so that you have no choice but to perform

and these are great, too:

mastermind groups/partnerships: spending time with others who have similar interests
appreciating music: being inspired or motivated by music
write down/record thoughts or ideas: doing a “brain dump” in order to put all of your thoughts out on the table in order to be sorted out and acted upon
setting personal standards: working at your own pace
keeping perspective: recognizing that success can change forms as you grow and develop
measure success: assessing your most and least productive activities
don’t burn your bridges: gracefully getting out of relationships
follow through on plans: honoring obligations
focusing on the highest priority tasks: spending time on things that are more important in the long-term than the short-term
accepting responsibility: living your life consciously or intentionally
maintaining contacts: staying up to date with business associates
be prepared for the worst: being prepared for the fact that some ideas won’t work out
getting into the light: getting into the daylight as soon as possible each day

so … go forth and enjoy your success!

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