stress and writing

a guest article by alex

i don’t write when i’m stressed because my thoughts become unclear and nothing i write sounds good to me. it seems that all my thoughts are mush and there is no direction, so i stop.

the thing about that is that if i focused on the issue which is that it ‘doesn’t sound good to me’ then i would be achieving a lot more than when i write when it’s comfortable.

i’m finding that the more i can face my fears the easier life becomes as a whole. the more things i can do to shock the “you can’t do it” belief, the better. often, my ego tries to overpower me. even right now i’m having to get through all the little voices that are saying, “are you sure that’s what you mean?” “do you really want to say that?”

they are all trying to talk me down. by continuing to write and by fighting that pull i am growing.


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(this post was included in the mind and body fitness carnival)

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