the story of the two hungry wolves

here is a wonderful native parable that i first came across in ted kuntz’s beautiful book, peace begins with me.

a grandfather and grandson were walking through the forest one winter evening. from far away, they heard the wolves howl.

“hungry wolves!” said the grandson.

“yes, just like the ones inside us,” said the grandfather.

“what do you mean? we have wolves inside us, hungry wolves?”

“yes, we do. two wolves.”

“two wolves?”

“one wolf is always angry. and resentful, greedy, full of false pride, self-pity and arrogance. he bears his teeth and is always ready to pounce.”

“and the other one?”

“the other one has it in him to be a great pack leader. he protects the young and knows where to take the pack when the winds get too fierce. he is full of love, hope, kindness, joy, compassion, serenity and generosity. he is peaceful and humble and has a great sense of humour.”

“what do these two wolves do inside of us?”

“they fight with each other for your soul.”

“which one wins?’

“the one who wins, grandson, is the one you feed.”

isabella mori
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