a post for pam

the other day i went to a party at my friend bonnie’s place. with me being there, of course at one point the talk turned to the internet. one of the lovely guests, pam, mentioned that everyone in her family comes up with something when they google their names – but not she!

i said i’d remedy that and mention her name in my blog. so here’s to you, pamela susan isabel toppings! (that’s pam toppings for short, i guess?)

what’s this got to do with the theme of my blog, i thought – but it didn’t take me long to realize that there is a very good connection.

making lives better, making better lives – that’s the motto of my practice. making lives better: that means not just limping along through our days but actually taking our lives into our own hands and making something really good out of it. enhancing our lives wherever it’s possible.

making better lives means that once we’ve enhanced our lives, often we naturally want to pass this on. our cup runneth over, and now we want help make other lives better, in whatever small and big, silly and serious ways.

so i keep my eyes peeled for opportunities to enhance other people’s lives. it doesn’t always work, mind you, and i have to take care not to turn into a busybody.

but sometimes a little opportunity comes dancing into the room and i think, hey, let’s grab it!

and you know, the reason why i like doing this is not so much because i’m such a wonderful person (well, i hope i’m some kind of wonderful but there’s also plenty of opportunities where i get to see that i’m not exactly perfect!)

it’s because it’s fun! putting pamela toppings’ name on the google map is fun. (maybe i’m the first of many to mention your name, pam? who knows?)

i hope that this fun-cup runneth over, too, and spills its happy contents onto you, dear readers, inspiring you to enhance your own and others’ lives.

have a happy week!

isabella mori
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