brains and hypertext: jumping from gratitude to coco chanel

after publishing my last newsletter, i received this amusing email from my friend rudolf penner.

After following your links over the “There but for the grace of God go I
quote and finding out that the fellow was burnt at the stake, I ended up at
Coco Chanel’s write-up in Wikipedia.

I know, you’re wondering how I got to Coco Chanel from there but for the
grace of god etc. Well, even if you aren’t, here’s how: (original link: Mary Tudor
link followed:) (Who would do such a thing?
Bloody Mary (herself)) (Bloody Mary
recipe) (origin of Bloody
Mary) (expatriates and celebrities
linked to that Bar in Paris)

don’t you just love hypertext? it works just like our brains, jumping from one idea to another.


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