understanding learning

a few years ago, i put together this list of definitions to answer the question:

what is learning?

acquisition of knowledge
· gain some understanding that we have been able to commit to memory
· a seal of approval on particular thoughts and feelings that we want to stay with us in the future
· knowledge acquisition or gathering
· reading what others have written
· learning is mastery of practical questions of life
· classical conditioning
· a relatively permanent change in behavior that occurs as a result of experience

process / systems
· learning isn’t simply a memory that we label as knowledge; it is also the way we search for understanding.
· discovery of new knowledge
· ability to access and interpret a ‘knowledge base’
· know your knowledge limits and when you need to gather more information than to remember all you have ever learnt
· learning is complex, influenced by many difference factors, from heredity to cognitive abilities to learning styles to environmental factors, etc., etc. these factors present either opportunities or barriers, and are best looked at from a systems perspective.
· learning is/should be learning how to learn and that learning is fun
· engaging in in-depth investigations with objects, materials, phenomena, and ideas and drawing meaning and understanding from those experiences
· ever-expanding connections of ideas that we can link together

· to welcome diversity of perception
· sense the delight and necessity of juxtaposition
· learning is part of the human condition. “an obvious, but often-overlooked, implication of this capacity is to recognize all situations and events as learning opportunities” (peter t. ewell)

what happens when we learn?
· learning is transformational
· learning is/should be lifelong
· learning occurs on many levels (physical, mental, emotional, social, etc.)
· learning can sometimes be measured, sometimes not

· improvement at a task
· personal study
· personal skills, interpersonal skills, career management skills
· learning is science
· learning should satisfy the aspirations of society

what do you think?

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