free lunch!

well, almost free. if you submit a comment in the next week or so, you may win a free lunch. you see, i love statistics. i love to see numbers grow and change and make a potpourri of interesting patterns. and if you contribute to this obsession, you may get a free lunch.

the statistics on my blog show that there are almost as many comments as posts. when i first started this blog, it took quite a while to get the comments rolling. but now they’re about to overtake! yay!

after all, this blog was meant as a conversation to begin with. i’m so thrilled that this is finally happening.

so. if you submit a comment in the next while (anywhere, on any post on this blog), and it is the one that makes the number of comments ONE more than the number of posts, you’ll get a free lunch.

if you live in greater vancouver, i’ll take you out for lunch, and if you live further away, i’ll arrange for a gift certificate for you at a restaurant, and we’ll just have to have a virtual lunch.

the only stipulations are that

  • the comment needs to have at least a little bit of substance (just “wow!” or “what a load of BS” doesn’t count)
  • it can’t be spam (because the number of spam comments have loooooooong surpassed the number of blog posts), and
  • you can’t post more than one comment a day.

and of course i won’t count my own comments.

ok. ready, set, go …

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