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listening to the cbc’s early edition this morning after driving back from lifting weights in my friend tom’s garden, i was intrigued by the question the host, rick cluff, asked of his panel:

“what’s the best advice your mother ever gave you?”

one answer was particularly memorable. moe sihota said that when he told his mother that he had won an election, she simply put down her knitting and said, in punjabi, “that’s fine – but don’t you ever forget where you’re coming from.” don’t forget your roots.

one of the most important things my mother has said to me, over and over, is “ignorance is evil.” what she meant by that was intentional ignorance: looking away when someone is suffering; forgoing self-examination; hiding under a blanket of “i don’t know.” this attitude has definitely made a great impact on me and my work.

what’s the most important thing your mother has ever said to you? how has that influenced the rest of your life?

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