live blogging: a day off

i’m taking a day off – well, actually, just a few hours and thought i’d live blog about this. just a few snippets here and there.

right now i’m sitting at a café on 2616 east hastings. just ran into barry, the pastor from the longhouse church down the street, a really interesting first nations, grassroots, street kinda church.

cruising the wifi networks, i notice there is one nearby called parangaricutirimícuaro – apparently the name of a little village in mexico. what a word! had i known it earlier i would have put it on my favourite words list.

oh! they’re playing my favourite song from buena vista social club – chan chan.

i just read this: “to keep our faces toward change and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable – helen keller”

maybe i should get off the computer for, say, 11 ½ minutes? what do you think? in the meantime, is this cool or what?  it’s a human calendar.  click on it and you’ll see more.

(and then i actually got off the computer and stayed off it!)

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