of gods and apes

idle thoughts on a wednesday night …

being human is such a strange experience. we’re not animals, or at least we don’t see ourselves as such. and we’re not gods. or at least we don’t see ourselves as such. we’re not good, we’re not bad. we may be driving the planet into destruction, or are we at the brink of turning it into eden?

always this back and forth, back and forth. the funny thing is that we have this tendency to see things in black and white – and for some of us, as soon as we become aware of this, we run and paint everything in the most amazing colours of grey.

so we’re neither this nor that. maybe we’re the missing link?  we, today, are the missing link between chimpanzee and the gods. and maybe all that’s missing is our awareness of it, that we are truly both chimpanzee and god. and let’s hope it’s a good god, a gentle, loving, compassionate, empowering, always life-affirming god, and not a cranky, jealous and testosterone driven god like zeus. for that matter, from what i understand, we’d also be better off not linking to chimpanzees but to bonobos (to whom we’re apparently related just as closely as chimpanzees).

long live the bonobos! long live a loving god!

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