grow a brain: surf with the sufis

at the alliance for arts and culture 20th anniversary party yesterday, i met writer and photographer ruth seeley, whose blog started me on an interesting little surfing journey. it led me to jecate’s blog, who again led me to grow a brain, one of those blogs that you can spend days and days on, written by california real estate agent/investor/poet hanan levin.

he pointed to the rather amusing but in-a-way-not-such-a-bad-idea prayer 2.0 site. buddhist? christian? bah’ai? get your automatic prayer right then and there.

there’s also a link to zen and the art of TV watching. those who’ve read my blog entry on driving meditations will appreciate my delight at coming across that one!

and then levin seems to be quite interested in discordianism. discordianism is – well, what is it. an absurdist-zennish-chaotic-pagan something: a joke? a religion? a religion pretending to be a joke? see for yourself. right up my alley.

for some reason, all of this had me end up looking for sufi stories. sufi tales have always fascinated me, probably because of the influence on my early childhood of storytelling genius elsa-sophia von kamphoevener, who (legend has it) had spent years of her youth disguised as a boy, sitting around campfires in the middle east, listening to and learning stories. at any rate, my surfing was rewarded with zensufi, a great collection of stories from what kamphoevener would have referred to “the orient”.

so thank you, ruth! you’ve led and our readers on a lovely journey that will surely grow brains in all kinds of ways …

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