carried through the year by the we’moon calendar

we'moon calendar imagei am a huge fan of the we’moon daytimer. to this day, i see as one of the perks of quitting my job as chief cook and bottlewasher at the skills connection the fact that i didn’t need a huge appointment calendar anymore and could go back to using the we’moon daytimer.

we’moon is a work of love, put together by the we’moon collective, who have created this bestselling daybook for 28 years now. it brings poetry, art and magic into my day, every day. each page is graced with poems, colourful images, information on activism, and interesting names for the days of the week.

i haven’t quite figured out the system yet but what i do know is that every year, they cycle through four languages. for example, this week is spanish, the next swahili, then quechua and hawaiian. there is also detailed astrological information – right now, the moon is in gemini, if i’m not mistaken. astrology is not something i’m very interested in but this book brings me closer to it.

we’moon also puts the year in the context of the pagan calendar. each festival gets a page. the next one, of course, is beltane or may day, one of the two major pagan holidays.

beltane is a feast of flowers, affirming with erotic scents of honeysuckle and rose that summertime is near … in ancient times, humanity made offerings and expressed appreciation for this natural beauty in rituals of sexual ecstacy and joyful abandon.

if you have to go to work, at least take flowers to your co-workers and tell them ahout the real meanings of may day!

aaah, after this harsh winter, i can’t wait for the scent of honeysuckle … and i’m looking forward to bringing flowers to my friends!

this is one of the things that this calendar does for me. it not only helps me organize my time, it also focuses me a bit on the deeper meanings of the wheel of the year.

every little detail in this book is lovingly put together. another thing i like is that the year is divided into the thirteen weeks that make up the 365 days, and each one of these sections has a theme. each one of these cycles is in tune with the topic for the whole year (“at the crossroads” for 2009). right now, we are in cycle 4, entitled “women taking power”. on the page for april 4 and 5, we read

women carry the ancient knowledge of the divine feminine deep within the cells of their being, the grandmothers say … we must be strong and walk in our innate knowledge and power under the protection of the four directions. with the world on the brink of destruction, women must wake up this great force they possess and bring the world back to peace and harmony. when women and men set in motion this enormously transformative feminine force of unconditional love they carry within, great healing and change will come about.

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