non-olympic torch on an almost wordless wednesday

my first video for wordless wednesday. this is one made by my friend carol during a lovely women’s weekend we both attended at cascadia retreats in roberts creek on british columbia’s sunshine coast. by luck, we chanced upon an up helly aa celebration which, i found out, is europe’s biggest fire festival. that’s my kinda… Continue reading non-olympic torch on an almost wordless wednesday

talking about spiritual experiences

a while ago evan asked the question how do we talk about our spiritual experience? we had a little discussion about that here. what still remains to be done, however, is for me to actually tell you about my spiritual experiences. let me offer up two stories, and then perhaps you will contribute one of… Continue reading talking about spiritual experiences

carried through the year by the we’moon calendar

i am a huge fan of the we’moon daytimer. to this day, i see as one of the perks of quitting my job as chief cook and bottlewasher at the skills connection the fact that i didn’t need a huge appointment calendar anymore and could go back to using the we’moon daytimer. we’moon is a… Continue reading carried through the year by the we’moon calendar

“my computer is my horse” – isabella’s artist statement

yesterday, sarah luczaj talked about her experience of the connection between therapy and creativity. today it’s my turn. i dug up an artists’ statement i wrote three years ago, and which still holds true. i write and perform poems, and as a counsellor, i accompany people on their journey as they perform the art of… Continue reading “my computer is my horse” – isabella’s artist statement

blogathon: vancouver magic

okay, here’s another book: city magick, by christopher penczak. it contains some wonderful ideas and exercises about how to experience city environment in a new, reverent and magical way. i feel very ambivalent about some aspects of city environment. for example, a few years ago, when a huge forest fire raged in kelowna, i was… Continue reading blogathon: vancouver magic

frozen pea post: a beltane blessing

yesterday was beltane, one of the two most important holidays in pagan traditions.just as hallowe’en marks the time when we slip into the darkness of winter, on beltane we celebrate opening the door to the joys and exuberance of summer. i’d like to dedicate this beltane to all women with breast cancer. i imagine an… Continue reading frozen pea post: a beltane blessing

easter, eostre, ostara

wikipedia on the origins of easter: the modern english term easter developed from the old english word eastre, which itself developed prior to 899. the name refers to the goddess eostre, who was celebrated at the spring equinox, and has cognates in old high german ōstarÅ«n, plural, “easter” (modern german language ostern). the old english… Continue reading easter, eostre, ostara