voices – napowrimo day 24

when your voice doesn’t come out and you hear someone else sing and more voices run around in your mind when you see lights left right center when the rattling comes at you and the heat and the radiation when you keep beating up your head how can it work how are you supposed to… Continue reading voices – napowrimo day 24

digging for a voice

what follows are excerpts from an essay i wrote in 1995 on women in philosophy, and how women’s voices often speak more to the particular (i.e. real life examples and experiences) rather than the general. it is interesting to look back on it, to see what’s still the case, and what has changed. in the… Continue reading digging for a voice

the lyric self

this is another guest post by sarah luczaj, a british therapist and writer, living in poland. she runs an online therapy practice¬† at mytherapist.com and has a poetry chapbook, “an urgent request” coming soon from fortunate daughter press, an imprint of tebot bach.¬† sarah is a freequent commenter on this blog, and a propos poetry… Continue reading the lyric self

“my computer is my horse” – isabella’s artist statement

yesterday, sarah luczaj talked about her experience of the connection between therapy and creativity. today it’s my turn. i dug up an artists’ statement i wrote three years ago, and which still holds true. i write and perform poems, and as a counsellor, i accompany people on their journey as they perform the art of… Continue reading “my computer is my horse” – isabella’s artist statement