losing weight using the law of attraction

today we have a guest post by david hooper. it is an excerpt from his book ask, believe, receive and fits right in with the theme of men with weight issues we were talking about last week.

david’s and my views on this overlap in some areas, and they don’t in others. tomorrow i will present my thinking about this approach. dialogue is good! so first, heeeeere goes david:

body imagea very popular question about the law of attraction is “can it be used for weight loss?” the answer is a definitive yes! however there are a few steps you should take to ensure success.

first, you need to become aware of the negative thoughts surrounding us about weight. “if you eat that, you’ll get fat.” “obesity is genetic and can’t be controlled.” “it’s hard to lose weight.” now, these extremely common statements and regularly accepted “facts” are part of the root cause of our obesity problems. what we accept, we allow. what we believe, is.

if you have accepted that eating certain foods will make you fat, and then proceed to eat them because you like them, you may expect to grow fat. if you accept that obesity is genetic, you will not attempt to lose weight. you won’t even try. and if you accept that losing weight is difficult, as almost anyone will happily tell you, then you are agreeing that your path to losing weight must be difficult, if not impossible.

however, step back and take a good hard look at your beliefs about diet, exercise, and weight. do you believe that because you are a couch potato or a computer geek, your lack of exercise will cause you to become fat? then don’t be surprised when it happens. do you believe that eating the large fries instead of small is going to probably make you fat? you’re probably already gaining weight. our beliefs, thoughts and expectations firmly dictate our reality. so if you want to change your reality, first you need to change your thoughts.

man in the mirror; about body imagethis world of solid matter is not nearly as solid as it appears. it is in fact woven from a maelstrom of subatomic particles, whizzing and whirling around, inhabiting less than 1% of all space. these particles can simply blink in and out of existence and teleport from one spot to another. that’s not science fiction – that’s science fact.

bring it up a few levels, and you have the human cells. most of the cells in your body die and are replaced fairly frequently. these cells grow according to what you place in your body and what nutrients they are given or deprived of. if you begin a healthy lifestyle now, the potential for fast bodily change is very real, but you must be aware that this is possible, otherwise you are going to fall back onto the old stockpile belief of “losing weight is hard”.

your thoughts can easily manipulate your reality, and what could you possibly have more control over than your own physical body, the one apparatus in the physical world with which you do not appear to have a disconnect? (all disconnection from the external world is false, but appears to be real).

but the most important thing in weight loss is your mental bodily image. every day you look at yourself in the mirror. you snarl at your weight. you groan that you do not look the way you want to. you twist, turn and contort yourself and look with disgust at the part or parts of your body that you are unhappy with. this is feeding negative energy into your bodily image, and that’s exactly what you will attract – more things to feel disgusted with about your body.

when you see yourself in the mirror, stop judging yourself and begin loving yourself. that body carries you around, and you should be grateful that you have one at all! fully accept your body as it is right now, and decide that you would like to change it in order to give yourself a happier, healthier existence. again, accept your body in the mirror, and stop snarling and judging yourself. when you love your body, then naturally your body will feel better and will become healthier. as this happens your body will naturally shift to fit the image that you are holding in your mind: a healthier, thinner body. you will never lose weight while you judge yourself fat. that is rule number 1, and unfortunately that is the rule that 99% of people break from the get-go.

i hope this has shed some light on how you can readjust your thinking to allow yourself to develop a thinner, healthier body using the law of attraction. good luck to you!

(images by christi nielsen and prettywar-stl)

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