call for speakers for mental health camp

is there something you’ve always wanted to say about mental health?  here’s your chance – the call for speakers for MentalHealthCamp 2010.

we are looking for session leaders who speak from personal or professional experience with mental health or mental illness.

we will have 9 slots for prearranged speakers (e.g. approved by the selection committee), and will keep 6 slots open for “mental moose” – a continuation of the unconference tradition of moosecamp at northern voice.  during mental moose, participants who are interested in leading a session can pitch them on saturday morning with a quick 30-second talk.  everyone will then vote on which sessions will be presented, and the winning sessions will be scheduled.

also, we would like to experiment with having one or two virtual sessions.  do you live in new zealand and would like to present?  are you unable to leave your children and your dogs alone in rural quebec but have an important story to share?  if you have the technical know-how, let’s talk about using technology to bring you right into our conference here in vancouver.

go to the MentalHealthCamp site for more information.

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