this is a post from my old blog that never managed to make it over here, and it is very a propos:

if change therapy means to attend – to pay close attention – to change, and if we all want to have and see more kindness in this world – then why don’t we attend to changing this! boy, that almost sounds like something that brock tully would say (only he’d do it much more smoothly)brock tully

so it occurred to me that we could have a conversation about what kindnesses we have given the world lately, and what kindnesses we have received. a sort of kindness inventory!

i’ll start with three things …

(hm, this is not so easy. it feels like bragging …)


kindnesses i have received:

  • wonderful friends who helped me renovate my office
  • people at an institution who were incredibly unbureaucratic towards me
  • my daughter, who gives me these wonderful, soft “baby butterfly kisses”

and three things i’ve done:

okay … why don’t you write down what you’ve done? you can post anonymously if you wish …

why is this a propos? because brock, mr. kindness himself, is up to good again. on november 19 and 20, he hosts, again, the world kindness concert. brock is one of the sweetest, kindest and most socially conscious people i’ve ever met, entirely and joyfully dedicated to making the world a better place.

the world kindness concert here in vancouver features musicians equally dedicated to change: shari ulrich, ABBA cadabra, stefan mitchell, michaela slinger, leora cashe, bill henderson, ivan boudreau, leon bibb, ron irving, melissa delosada, steve elliott, heidi klassen and myrna rabinowitz.

so if you’re in vancouver that week, and you’d like more kindness in this world and have fun at it, join us at the world kindness concert!

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