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Free Burma!

today is a day when worldwide, bloggers blog about burma.

it’s also a day that is so busy that normally, i’d forgo a post. but this is important.

i’ll just leave you with one impression. this event in burma appears to me a manifestation of the old, tragic fight between good and evil, on a scale and with a clarity that i have not seen in a long time.

monks, trained to forgo the ego and live in compassion, are being killed by a regime that is self-serving and brutal. for now, it looks like the regime is winning. but it can’t. just as a monk will not cease to be a monk because he has been derobed, this movement, and any and all movements for peace and freedom, cannot be quashed by killings and imprisonment.

the paradox: it is a fight of good versus evil, and in buddhism, at least at its deepest level, such dualism does not exist.

perhaps it is the ability to consciously live in this paradox that helps forgo the ego, live in compassion, and survive death.


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