dear abby! no, i mean, dear nettie

nettie has arrived! she’s “your emotional blog adviser“. is she going to become the bloggers’ dear abby? the dan savage of web 2.0? the dr. phil of social media? only time will tell … but you gotta love her handsome little 60’s picture. visit her for her first column: what to do when you’re too… Continue reading dear abby! no, i mean, dear nettie

happy 2nd birthday, change therapy!

ooops! i totally forgot my birthday – i mean, my blog birthday. today, december 19, it’s been two years that i’ve been writing on this blog. so i decided to go back to my 1st birthday post and rewrite it, in the light of the last 366 days. it’s been an interesting 132,000 words to… Continue reading happy 2nd birthday, change therapy!

the best of the lists

today is the deadline for letting luciano know which are my favourite list posts, so that he can get on with his group writing project. i’m not feeling very well today, so i’ll just give you my top 11 posts. yup, didn’t want to narrow it down any more. tomorrow i’ll hopefully feel well enough… Continue reading the best of the lists

4 reasons why we like lists

write lists, write lists, that’s what every blogger is told. what is it that we find so fascinating about lists? i tried to find some research on that but can’t come up with anything so far. hm. let’s ask some academics who might know: john suler, famous for his psychology of cyberspace studies; chris from… Continue reading 4 reasons why we like lists


one of my favourite sayings is, “acceptance is the key.” it’s something that can be misinterpreted as fatalism, as acting like a doormat. but that’s now how it works. acceptance is saying, “ok, this is what is. this is what presents itself. let’s deal with that, rather than denying what’s going on or deluding myself.”… Continue reading acceptance