submissions for buddhist carnival on august 15

the buddhist carnival is coming up again august 15, and i’m still having problems with blog carnival “getting it” that this is happening, and i don’ thave a lot of submissions yet.  so i’m taking matters in my own hands and am asking you: anyone with some interesting buddhist material out there?  please submit the… Continue reading submissions for buddhist carnival on august 15


during the blogathon, one of the entries was about about a woman leaving a cult. coincidentally, just a few days later, one of my stumbleupon friends pointed me to steven hassan’s work. interestingly enough, this also led me to another article relevant to a blogathon post about guru shopping. from what i’ve seen so far,… Continue reading cults

blogathon: guru shopping

this is an entry for my participation in the 2008 blogathon, a 24-hour marathon of blogging. please support the cause and donate – however much, however little – to the canadian mental health association (vancouver/burnaby branch). to donate, email me or use this URL: you should be able to get there by clicking the… Continue reading blogathon: guru shopping

happiness – a group writing project

a while ago, alex shalman interviewed 34 people on the subject of happiness. following up on this, he created the happiness project, a group writing project where everyone who wishes answers questions about what happiness is for them. these posts then are gathered on his blog, here. below are my answers. and if you’d like… Continue reading happiness – a group writing project