hypnotherapy and fear of flying

in this paid review, let me talk a little about fear of flying. i wrote about it last year, when i told you a about my first flight after having experienced a rather terrifying attack of fear of flying in a flight a few years earlier. there were six elements that helped me overcome that dreadful memory: journaling, talking about it, resolving to fly again, having a good flight companion, and two ways of being in the moment.

one thing i did not try was hypnotherapy or NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) to help with my fear of flying. j.p. richards, a hypnotherapist using NLP, addresses the phobic flyer, the fearful flyer and the first time flyer, which i think is an interesting idea. at some point in my life, my delight in flying had slowly turned into being fearful of flying and i was well on my way to a full-out phobia.

here is a bit more information about hypnotherapy and NLP. if this approach sounds interesting to you and if you’re battling with flight anxiety, why don’t you check out j.p. richards’ site. the program costs only $49, so at minimum, you get to learn something about hypnotherapy, and it might just help you with your problem.  also, if you’re a blogger and interested in writing about the topic, you may be able to try the program for free.

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