i just stumbled across a sober thought, a blog by dayvud, a recovering alcoholic. it looks like we have a number of interests in common, including buddhist nun and writer pema chodron and the book the spirituality of imperfection (the one by kurtz and ketcham, not the one by richard rohr, another

internet addiction?

it’s evening, and i’m really tired. i should go to bed. but wait, let me check my email. and the other email. and wasn’t i going to look up something on depth-oriented brief therapy? oh! ding! here’s another message! and i haven’t really played spider solitaire yet today. and … now it’s late evening. i’m… Continue reading internet addiction?

feminism and body image

recently, i’ve had a number of interesting and sometimes heated discussions about plastic surgery. according to one view, plastic surgery is an artificial way to prop up a twisted body image – one that is only available to those who can afford it. according to another view, undergoing plastic surgery is not much different than… Continue reading feminism and body image

and now for these therapists: plato, st. augustine, darwin, freud

i wrote this some years ago, trying to elucidate how some of the fathers and grandfathers of psychology would look at contemporary problems: after a stormy, decade long marriage, JU and his wife separated after she found out that he had sexually abused their two sons. JU explained he was “sexually educating them”. there was… Continue reading and now for these therapists: plato, st. augustine, darwin, freud

a few buddhist sayings

i realize that i haven’t said anything about buddhism in the last little while. so, to remedy that, here are a few sayings that i really like: As a bee–without harming the blossom, its color its fragrance– takes its nectar & flies away: so should the sage go through a village. –Dhammapada, 4, translated by… Continue reading a few buddhist sayings