carnival of eating disorders

the articles in this blog have been featured on a number of blog carnivals so far (for example, on the disability blog carnival, the carnival of courage, and the bipolar and depression carnival). with these good experiences, i figured i might as well start a blog carnival myself. it’ll be a monthly compendium of interesting… Continue reading carnival of eating disorders

enlightenment with dr. seuss

let’s have some more dr. seuss. this is from the grinch who stole christmas. grouchy, grumpy, mean, bitter grinch has just stolen all the christmas gifts from the people in who-ville, pretended to be a nice guy by giving little cindy-lou who a glass of water, taken the last little crumb out of cindy-lou’s pantry… Continue reading enlightenment with dr. seuss

a bill of rights for people with eating disorders

earlier this year, the academy for eating disorders put together a bill of rights for people with eating disorders. i’m very surprised to see that pretty much no one on the web discusses it. so i’ll start. first, here is the bill: right to communication/partnership with health professionals right to comprehensive assessment and treatment planning… Continue reading a bill of rights for people with eating disorders

seasonal storms

heavy rains, windstorms, snowfall, slush – all that happened here in the last few weeks. outside. and then there are the seasonal storms inside. this is a difficult time of year for quite a few people. SAD (seasonal affective disorder) troubles some, and others get the christmas blues. for the weather outside, we wear clothes… Continue reading seasonal storms

of gods and apes

idle thoughts on a wednesday night … being human is such a strange experience. we’re not animals, or at least we don’t see ourselves as such. and we’re not gods. or at least we don’t see ourselves as such. we’re not good, we’re not bad. we may be driving the planet into destruction, or are… Continue reading of gods and apes

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of praise and other good things

genkaku talks about praise: I like to praise things. It feels delightful. It feels good. It feels right. And I imagine other people have similar feelings. Of course, sometimes they can be pretty obnoxious about it — praising one god or another and insisting you do the same — but in general I like to… Continue reading of praise and other good things