chocolate and broccoli

so my blogger/twitter friend geert over in europe, in a small – no, i won’t say “tiny” – country wedged between a big one (france) and another small one (the netherlands) … in a tiny country called belgium, had the good heart to finally write another blog post in english. thanks to my continuous begging… Continue reading chocolate and broccoli

the weekend to end breast cancer – a transforming experience

“she made it another year, she made it another year.” that’s all that went through my mind as i watched the crowd of walkers surge into the stadium. yesterday afternoon was the celebration of another weekend to end breast cancer. one weekend a year, thousands of walkers, encouraged by tens of thousands of sponsors, donors… Continue reading the weekend to end breast cancer – a transforming experience

mental illness and the arts

over at finding optimism, there are two good little articles on famous and not-so-famous painters struggling with mental illness. take picasso, for example, who is said to have suffered from schizophrenia, or monet, who was dealing with depression. an important topic, and we’ll be paying some more attention to it here at change therapy. among… Continue reading mental illness and the arts


i’ve finally decided to put up a formal copyright note here in my blo. i’m choosing to do this as a blog post because i’d be interested in your thoughts and comments on this, whether you’re a reader or a blogger yourself. i’m sure this could be improved, and your input will be most helpful.… Continue reading copyright

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good resumes, bad resumes

today, my past as an employment counsellor is creeping up on me again. read all about it over at the job mob. in my contribution, i’m asking: do you need help with resume writing? if you’re looking for a job right now and it’s driving you crazy, maybe you’ll get some good ideas there. and… Continue reading good resumes, bad resumes

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how christian churches respond to people with mental illness

marja bergen alerted me to an article in canadian christianity entitled “church response to the mentally ill”. it is interesting to note that title: “… the mentally ill”. a slight twist in language compared to “people with mental illness” but an important one, methinks. “the mentally ill” leaves one with a feeling that this is… Continue reading how christian churches respond to people with mental illness

resentments: where do they come from?

a little while ago i wrote a post on dealing with resentments. but here’s a question: where do resentments come from? definition: what’s a resentment? pulling together some dictionary definitions, a resentment is the feeling of displeasure, ill will, bitterness, anger or indignation in reaction to an act, remark, person, etc., regarded as grievance (i.e.… Continue reading resentments: where do they come from?

that’s what they said

and today for some lighter fare – an excerpt from my collection of quotations on thinkexist: rainer maria rilke “let life happen to you. believe me: life is in the right, always.” “do not assume that she who seeks to comfort you now, lives untroubled among the simple and quiet words that sometimes do you… Continue reading that’s what they said


the first time i ever came across the concept of coaching was in teri e belf’s book, simply live it up. as soon as i saw it, i had to get it – after all it had an orange cover, had fractals on it (yes, i’m a sucker for nice-looking covers), and mentioned brief solutions,… Continue reading plurking

keeping the momentum

another guest article from my husband, glenn. sometimes it’s good to get a break to freshen us up. the typical situation is work; sometimes a holiday away from things will give us a much fresher energy level and revitalize us. another is the responsibility of being a parent. especially for parents of young babies, the… Continue reading keeping the momentum