blogathon 2008: countdown to insomnia!

on july 26, i will not sleep.

from 5 am to 5 am the next morning, i will be blogging.

yup, i’m participating in this year’s blogathon, a marathon in which selected bloggers such as raul and rebecca, bloggers participate to raise awareness and funds for their favourite charities.

for 24 hours, every 30 minutes, i’ll be posting a blog entry.

the charity i’ve selected is the canadian mental health association (vancouver/burnaby branch), an organization that i’ve been very proudly part of for the last three years. their mission statement is:

CMHA vancouver-burnaby promotes mental wellness and increases understanding of mental health issues through innovative and collaborative approaches in the areas of public education, accessible services and personal empowerment.

one of the reasons why i am so proud of this organization is that it really stands behind its mission statement. CMHA (van/bby) is doing fabulous and often groundbreaking work in areas such as employment counselling for people with mental health issues, recreation for children of parents with mental illness, and social enterprise (e.g. they have grown and mentored a successful janitorial company run and operated by people with often severe mental health issues).

even though i have no idea how i’ll manage to stay up for 24 hours, i’m very excited about this project, and hope lots and lots of you, my dear readers, will participate through reading, commenting and donating.

i think i’ll also have a prize. maybe one each for highest donation, most comments and most link love? what do you think?

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