commenting is writing, too

once a while i like to share with you which blogs i’m reading and commenting on. sometimes it seems i spend way more time writing comments on others’ blogs than writing my own posts. so here you have a little taste of my blogospheric meanderings in the last few days:

i can’t believe i overlooked the national eating disorders awareness week. geesh! i guess there’s a bit too much happening in my life right now.

eating disorders

fortunately, carrie didn’t overlook it. she’s reviewed a few articles on her blog that perpetuate myths about eating disorders. among other things, i commented on something that often irritates me: the “you have to do A before you can do B” approach that is still taken by a lot of counsellors and therapists. “you have to be 6 months sober before you can look for a job”; “you have to address your depression before getting married”. who says?!?

anger and depression

john’s blog has one of the most striking designs i’ve seen in quite a while. he uses writing to keep his depression at bay. in this post he talks about anger a group therapy experience around his anger turned inward. in my comment, i share my experiences with such groups; actually, it’s an experience during a therapist training workshop i took. owning up to one’s vulnerabilities in such an environment has its particular challenges.

fessing up to our emotions

evan talks about emotional connections. it’s really interesting how we always pretend to be cool, calm and collected when really we’re more emotion than anything else. in my comment, i talk about ways of bringing out more emotion that work for me.

music and emotions

and – oh, wow! i just had to check something on twitter (this being friday, i needed to change my avatar to show that i’m a pea-ple person) and caught an announcement by one of my new twitter friends, amy palko about a blog post featuring three beautiful music videos. talk about emotions!

how social media changes our world

can’t let a little digest like this go without a commentary on another one of my favourite subjects – social media. one of the techie conferences just finished – SXSW, and there were some fascinating occurrences there, one of them the audience’s reception of facebook’s mark zuckerberg’s keynote address. jeremiah owyang summarizes this in an important post about how social media are changing conferences. i think more than that is changing – social media has proven to truly have the potential for a tool for true democracy and participation.

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