wordless wednesday with a twist

some of you have already made the acquaintance of my wonderful friend tina. i’ve rarely met someone so full of fire, fun and creativity.

tina is working on a book project. until about 10 years ago or so, tina couldn’t read. it’s not because she’s stupid. far from it. she just experiences the world a little different from most people. she’s an alternative learner.

her book is about being an alternative learner, or an “allotrilexic“. yup, that’s a word she coined. the woman who couldn’t read and write invents a new word. see what i said about her being amazing?

allotrilexic, btw, literally means reading (-lexic) differently (allotri-).

so. tina is doing a bit of a research project. since her brain is full of pictures and not (like mine) full of words, she wants to know what people’s favourite symbols or icons are. like many of us, she loves emoticons. they’re universally understandable, they’re fun, and they do paint, well, maybe not a thousand words but at least 79, wouldn’t you say?

so please, help tina and tell us, what are your favourite icons? you can also tell us why. and you can also talk about icons or symbols you don’t like.

let’s make this a wordless wednesday with a twist!

to start off, here are a few that i like:

oh, and i just found this at utenzi’s and just had to include it:

okay, it’s your turn now. you can just say which icon it is, or describe it, or send a link to it, or you can get really fancy and embed the image in your comment. for that, please use this code <img src=”http://…” /> and replace the three dots with the URL of the image location. you get the image location by right clicking on an image and then clicking “copy image location”. make sure you have the http:// in there exactly once.

this is a lot of fun! really looking forward to what you guys and gals have to say about this (or should i say, what you’re going to point to?)

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