musings on the meaning of good friday

jesus was a mystery to me two years ago, and he still is.crosses

so let me muse on him a bit more, today, on good friday. a day that changed everything, for a lot of people in the last 2000 years.

many adults have experienced days like that. bifurcation days – before that day, life was X, after that it was Y. one of my bifurcation days was the birth of my son. the change is so sharp, it’s as if there is a change in brain chemistry, maybe more than that – you’re a different person.

a friend was telling me today that in her church, they gradually strip the altar during good friday until it is totally bare. then a big wooden cross is pushed, it falls on the floor with a big BANG. then everyone leaves in silence.

good friday – the big bang.

is that part of jesus’ message, part of the message of good friday? that life will never be the same again?

in a lovely, too short facebook chat with my good friend nancy, we mused about other meanings of good friday.

we mused about the parallels between the last supper and jesus’ dying on the cross with the two others that were being crucified. in both, there was communion, intimacy and generosity.

the communion and intimacy in breaking bread together, and having one’s life broken, together.

the generosity of offering wine and bread. the generosity of sacrifice. the generosity of forgiveness.

perhaps it seems to you that the religious message of good friday is just for christians. i believe there is also something in this story of jesus’ death that can resonate with all of us. what do you think?

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