belief in a personal god

through my twitter connection @UUsoul i came across a post on the topic of a personal god at celestial lands. i figured that rather than replying, i’ll comment in a post here. david from celestial lands says i believe that there is no division in god, that every moment of every day we are intimately… Continue reading belief in a personal god

unexamined belief: spiritual atheism?

here, finally, is the continuation of my conversation with jan about spirituality and atheism. says jan: well, really, how could mulder [from the X-files] possibly have believed in UFOs? something for which there is no tangible proof. he would have had to believe simply on the basis of … faith. that would be silly. believe… Continue reading unexamined belief: spiritual atheism?

dr. joe capista on: concepts of god

okay, this is the third and last instalment of my review of dr. joe capista’s book what can a dentist teach you about business, life and success?. we’re looking at dr. capista’s reflections on spirituality. so far, we’ve learned about being committed to going on retreats, and studying sacred text together with others. today, ideas… Continue reading dr. joe capista on: concepts of god