8 reasons why i give money to panhandlers

“don’t give a panhandler money! he’ll only buy drugs!” we’ve all heard this. today i gave a hefty amount of money to the guy who always sits in front of my neighbourhood supermarket. the parking sign pole against which he was leaning was shaking because he was shivering so hard. i made him promise to… Continue reading 8 reasons why i give money to panhandlers

carnival of eating disorders, august 2008 edition

welcome to the august 2008 edition of the carnival of eating disorders! there is a lot of interesting material, so i’ll do the same that i do with the buddhist carnival and present the articles in two different posts. this first post will deal with anorexia. the second will deal with body image and overeating.… Continue reading carnival of eating disorders, august 2008 edition

raising children, raising parents

lin over at telling it like it is has an article on 10 ways to raise children to use drugs. examples: encourage insecurity by telling them to keep secrets from other family members or family secrets from others avoid touching, hugging, and taking time to interact with your children. disregard their physical needs. ignore their… Continue reading raising children, raising parents

addiction, genetics and early brain development

in a comment yesterday on my article on some research on adult children of alcoholics, CP stressed the importance of genetics in alcoholism. i would like to contrast that with another point of view. gabor mate offers this theory in his book in the realm of hungry ghosts: close encounters with addiction brain development in… Continue reading addiction, genetics and early brain development

the definition of addiction

in the last few weeks, a radio interview and two articles have encouraged me to again look at the nature of addiction. one of them is a discussion we are having on this blog here about alcohol use and art, with contributions by danish composer skovgaard danielsen and zen practitioner and painter eden maxwell. another… Continue reading the definition of addiction