looking into gratitude

this morning, i visited chitowngreg’s sunday post about gratitude. it was fabulous to see all the comments there – 48 at the time i was visiting. and then of course my research brain got curious. what a great treasure trove to delve a little into to find out what specific things people are grateful for!… Continue reading looking into gratitude

august 2009 buddhist carnival

here’s the buddhist carnival again! last month my blog was still sick and┬áthe carnival┬ádidn’t happen. glad to be back for august. the buddhist carnival is a romp / surf / drive / ride through the buddhist blogosphere (blugghasphere?) and today’s menu brings you posts on music, fashion, family, war, wishy-washy buddhism, persisting through the agony… Continue reading august 2009 buddhist carnival

fireflies and a buddhist shrine: a sunday inspiration

in this post, i happily join sojourner in her sunday inspiration project. fireflies. from ancient times we humans have always been fascinated by these little beings. scientists explain that the firefly’s light is produced through a complicated interaction of a number of chemicals. but for me, its light teaches a very valuable lesson: the firefly… Continue reading fireflies and a buddhist shrine: a sunday inspiration

raising children, raising parents

lin over at telling it like it is has an article on 10 ways to raise children to use drugs. examples: encourage insecurity by telling them to keep secrets from other family members or family secrets from others avoid touching, hugging, and taking time to interact with your children. disregard their physical needs. ignore their… Continue reading raising children, raising parents

cancer: families, communication, self-development, fatigue

the last two frozen pea friday entries were a bit more introspective and heavy. today’s post is heavy, too, but only on science. i wanted to see what solutions health psychologists are looking at in terms of frequently occurring problems for cancer patients,e.g. how to talk about cancer, how cancer impacts family life, cancer and… Continue reading cancer: families, communication, self-development, fatigue

a buddhist carnival – 2nd edition

dear reader friends, here is the new buddhist carnival. i feel very fortunate to do this service to the – buddhosphere? and dear blogger friends, thank you so much for all the excellent submissions to the buddhist carnival. in keeping with the suggestions in our first post featured here, i have decided to break the… Continue reading a buddhist carnival – 2nd edition

family and money

the other day, nancy asked an interesting question in her saturday case study: jeff and his two siblings, a brother and sister, each inherited a sizeable legacy when their parents died. jeff was conservative, and grew his legacy into an even more significant nest egg and is now independently wealthy. he came to me because… Continue reading family and money