carnival of eating disorders #15

ladies and gentlemen, i present to you: the 15th carnival of eating disorders! anorexia an x-ray technician talks about three generations of women with eating disorders. she describes anorexia as an addiction: unlike other addictions, anorexia is something you don’t do. to be an alcoholic you have to find alcohol to drink. drug addicts have… Continue reading carnival of eating disorders #15

carnival of eating disorders #10

welcome to this month’s carnival of eating disorders, a reader’s digest of blog posts about mental health issues related to problems such as anorexia, bulimia, orthorexia, binge eating disorder, food addiction, exercise anorexia, as well as body image. parents and anorexia let’s start with a very controversial issue: pro-anorexia mothers. ex-model, ex-anorexic “mamavision” refers to… Continue reading carnival of eating disorders #10