the last hallowe’en treats – going to louisiana

okay, last day today for stepping in hootin’ annie’s footsteps of giving out hallowe’en treats to strangers. there’s just a few more left in the bag. today i’m giving out link treats to bloggers who have written about the history of slavery in louisiana. give me a few days and i’ll explain why. in the… Continue reading the last hallowe’en treats – going to louisiana

hallowe’en treats for my neighbours

here i am, still copying hootin’ annie’s, giving out hallowe’en treats for all of this week. still lots left over, guys, i can’t handle all that sweet stuff, you gotta help me! today’s “strangers” are people who’ve written about my neighbourhood – fraser street. here are your link love treats! ursa minor: bear 604 doug’s… Continue reading hallowe’en treats for my neighbours

more hallowe’en treats

hootin’ annie’s, i’m still at it – handing out hallowe’en treats right into november. i better keep my word – i said i’d do this for the rest of the week! the “strangers” who will receive treats today are totally and completely random. i’ll go to google search and hand out link treats to the… Continue reading more hallowe’en treats

hallowe’en treats

following in hootin’ annie’s scary footsteps, i promised i’d hand out hallowe’en link treats to strangers this week. here are some bloggers who’ve knocked on my door lately who i had never met before. i found them through stumbleupon, one of my favourite internet toys. life in the fast lane (oh! she’s canadian! cool! lots… Continue reading hallowe’en treats


share your scare, says lifecruiser. a propos hallowe’en, she’s collecting stories about bloggers’ biggest scares. here’s mine. okay, this was quite a few years ago. i had just facilitated an incredibly exhausting focus group at the carnegie centre (everyone who knows the carnegie centre will immediately nod, “yes, that would be exhausting”). that afternoon, my… Continue reading scary!