diversity and inclusion

here’s a little more from raul’s blog. the topic raul broached was diversity. by the way, those of you who are not engaged in social media, please don’t run away. because guess what – what’s happening in social media is very similar to what’s happening IRL – i mean, in real life 🙂 raul quotes… Continue reading diversity and inclusion

more northern voice: ADD among techies

one of the presenters at northern voice was vancouver ADD coach pete quily. he spoke on attention deficit disorder – ADD – for techies. let me share some of the information. “the internet,” he said, “is the crack cocaine of people with ADD.” one of the things that happens for people with ADD is that… Continue reading more northern voice: ADD among techies

dave olson: blogging and creativity

northern voice was a wonderful experience. as nancy white said northern voice is a living community indicator and lives in the culture of love. where else can you find the intersection of geekdom and love? i’ll be blogging about nancy’s and other people’s sessions in the days to come. today i want to tell you… Continue reading dave olson: blogging and creativity