thanksgiving, peace, metta

“may there be peace” – what a strange and faraway thing to say about mumbai in the middle of this destructive chaos. and yet. may there be peace. may there be peace in iraq. peace like i have among my friends, peace i am grateful for. may there be peace in the congo. peace like… Continue reading thanksgiving, peace, metta

thank you, mental illness awareness bloggers

today concludes the last day of mental illness awareness week, and the beginning of canadian thanksgiving. i’d like to give thanks, then, to all the bloggers who’ve written about this topic. here is a small selection of them: mental health and poverty the kick-off of “mental illness awareness week” in canada is coming with the… Continue reading thank you, mental illness awareness bloggers

thanks, violeta

the other day, i came across pensieve, who is challenging the blogosphere to come up with a thanksgiving limerick. since i’ve been digging back into my chilean songs lately, i came up with this harebrained idea of trying to turn violeta parra’s gracias a la vida into a limerick. it doesn’t do justice to violeta’s… Continue reading thanks, violeta

thanksgiving all over the place

in my post yesterday i referred to the thanksgiving weekend. some of you readers in the US might have thought that i ought to take the confucius on confusion course i talked about the day before.  thanksgiving isn’t until late in november! but, actually, this time i’m not confused. i could have pointed out, of… Continue reading thanksgiving all over the place