how to …

hello everyone – maybe you don’t need me anymore! i just discovered wikihow, and you can, too!. there you can learn fascinating things, like how to Become Emotionless (“a very useful way to handle problems”) Bury Your Burdens Cope With Feeling Alone at Night Discipline Your Troubling Student Find Help For a Suspected Eating Disorder… Continue reading how to …

mental illness in the workplace

read in hugo schwyzer’s blog about a tenured professor who apparently was let go because of behaviour resulting from a mental illness, as well as my comments on this alarming situation. isabella mori counselling in vancouver

so relaxed!

i’m sitting here in my office. not alone. someone is in the chair across from me. very relaxed. is she asleep? (if you come to my office, will you fall asleep?) yes, i think she is asleep. just comfortably in the chair. how much i can learn from her! never ruffled, never offended, always relaxed,… Continue reading so relaxed!

the wounded healer

my approach to therapy is influenced by traditions that place some weight on judicial self disclosure, on the idea of the wounded healer, on the notion that there is very little we can know for certain, and on paying attention to the here and now: the here and now of the client’s life, of the… Continue reading the wounded healer